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Have you read The Hunger Games Trilogy?

Extensive reading in your target language is a great way to build up fluency and get over the intermediate plateau. The Hunger Games books are now quite cheap to buy secondhand and have been translated into over 27 languages, so you may have already read them in your native language. Audio versions of the books are also available in some languages enabling you to have the option of listening and reading at the same time.

I am setting up a closed facebook group for a Hunger Games Reading Challenge. Participants read the book in their target language and if there is more than one person reading the book in your language you can choose to be in a study group and discuss the book with others every week.

As I am an English Teacher I will provide vocabulary lists in English for each chapter with flashcards / the word in a phrase for those whose Target Language is English. I hope vocabulary lists for other languages will develop quickly.
The Challenge will start in November with the aim of people reading one chapter each week.

There will be weekly challenges to complete and I would provide a discussion question for each chapter. The Optional Study groups could meet on google hangouts to discuss each chapter.

This is the first time I have run an online reading challenge although I have organised them face to face many times, so this first challenge will be a free trial event. I would like you to give constructive feedback on how it runs and how it could be improved for future challenges.

Numbers will have to be limited to ensure the best experience. I obviously need to find a balanced number of participants for each target language.

If you are interested in joining please visit my Facebook Page Here.

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