Let’s discuss who uses contractions in spoken English.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s discuss who uses contractions in spoken English.

  1. Domingo Cabrera Álamo

    Hi Helen,

    I just did the Skyfall exercise. I think the level is correct to me, I almost understand and answered the most of it. I didn’t understand what did James say at the moment he finds the gate in the tube.
    That’s a very funny way to learn! Thaks a lot for share!

    1. Helen Cunningham Post author

      Hi Domingo – When James find the door to escape from the tube tracks onto the platform he says

      ‘Got it. It won’t open” But the t of got does not sound like a t. It sounds more like a Go-dit….

      Is that the bit that was difficult? Let me know and I will make more of these lessons focusing on these difficult English sounds just in case you ever meet James Bond and need to know what he is saying!


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