Spoken English in Bladerunner 2049

Here is the second EdPuzzle for this Bladerunner 2049 countdown week.

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Trailer 1

In this Edpuzzle we are looking at how words are pronounced differently depending on if they are stressed or unstressed words in the sentence.   The meaning words of a sentence are stressed and are pronounced in their – strong – form.

The word  – you – can be pronounced very differently.   Listen to these two sentences.

1   Did you buy milk?  Or did he buy it?


2   Did you buy milk?  Or do we still need some?


In spoken English we stress the meaning, content words of a sentence.

In sentence 1   you is stressed.

In sentence 2  milk is the stressed word.   In this sentence You is unstressed and sounds more like yer   – didyer 


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