Listening exercise – You’re invited to a party.

Listen to the phone message.    There is a radio playing in the background, it’s a real life like listening exercise.


1      What are you being invited to?

2      Where is it?

3      When is it?

4      Why is it happening?

Listen and write down everything you can hear.   If you can  not hear full words, write down what sounds you can hear.

We have been working on contractions for the last few weeks.   Is it getting any easier to hear these contractions in everyday conversations?    Here is the transcript with the contractions missing.    Can you work out what the missing words are?   They are all contractions except for one.

Let me know if this is getting easier as you practice it every week.

Here is the transcripts with some words missing.

Hi it’s me,  I’m just phoning you to invite you to a party, sorry, the radio………..(1)……..turn it down.    Sorry, wait a minute.  Sorry I forgot the radio was on.    I’m phoning you to invite you to Pauls birthday party.   Saturday 9th June.  ….(2)  …. going to have a barbeque  in the garden at our house.   So ……(3)…..invited, so put the date in …(4)…diary.

But don’t tell Paul,……(5)..a secret.. (6) be a surprise party.  Ok so call me back and tell me if you can come or not. Phone me back, ok, bye

(1)  I will     I’ll

(2)  We are      we’re

(3)  You are     you’re

(4)   your        – this one is not a contraction, but listen to how it sounds compared to the contraction – you’re.

(5)  it will      it’ll

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