How to understand English native speakers from the North East of England.

How to improve your listening skills.

To improve your listening skills you need short audio resources with transcripts.   This is what I provide for different regional accents within England.

For a full explanation of how to use these clips please read this post on How to Improve your Listening Skills

Here is a short video clip where Steph Houghton who is a football player in the England National Team talks about her day.  Steph is from Durham in the North East of England.

Listen out for:

In this clip listen to how the verb   would  is always contracted to ‘d.   So you will hear    We’d   you’d   

Native speakers contract the verb would most of the time.

There is another listening exercise that focuses on Contractions here.

0:20   A non-match day in camp would be, err, we’d have rolling breakfast in the morning so ermm probably from eight to half nine, so you’d choose whether to have a little bit of a lie in or get up early.

0:32 Morning…just go and deliver  my passport because I forgot …… so probably since Christmas I’ve had the same breakfast… the standard beans and ………(I can’t not hear what she says here! )    Ok that’s me done…

0:47  Just getting to know the new players…….(I’m half asleep still)…….and Danny’s listening to the speech here…..

0:57    then we’d all fill in our monitoring sheets to make sure that the physio and the medical staff know how we’re feeling, whether we’re a little bit tired or we’re feeling fine and fresh and ready to go.  Then we’d head down to football centre and get ready, ready for training.

1:18   we’re too early…..we’re eager beavers……..You can’t have three favourites ……..  Ellen, she’s got a new one now……got a new favourite now…Alex Greenwood…

1:38  Obviously we had an amazing journey in the World Cup and now this is a new journey that we begin and it’s important this week that we get our heads on,  screwed on and we know that we know we have to go out and get a win first and foremost but perform, let’s get the best out of each other…let’s make sure that standards are good and the qualities good, and enjoy every single minute yeah.

2:04   We’ll probably train, warm up train for about an hour and a half, and straight after that recovery.  Straight into the ice bath or  people like to stretch or go in the pool.  Then lunch…then this after…. the afternoon will be mainly…physio treatment for those players that need it ……..this afternoon we’ve been in the gym, just to do a little bit of gym work.

2:31 and then later on tonight maybe a quick meeting with Mark and the staff

2:50  and then dinner and  choose to either go straight to bed or to probably watch the Champions League later..

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