GDPR after-work party.

This phone call is very difficult – the pub noise is very loud – just like in real life phone calls.

Listen and see if you can work out what the phone call is about.

Why is she calling Jane?

What has been happening at work this week?

Who is paying for the drinks?

How much money is there to spend on drinks?

Why did Jane not see the email from the boss?

Listen out for the contractions

There are some contractions not written into the transcript.   Can you work out what they are?


Hi Jane, where are you?  (1)   still in work?  …..well (2)  in the pub…. Yea our whole team.   Didn’t you get the email? …..No…gosh well…(3)   been so many flaming emails this week about opt-in it’s probably got lost…well didn’t you get the email?  Well the boss said …”everyone has to   come down to the pub after work..and (4) p ut 300 quid behind the bar… for all our team and all your team to have a few drinks and relax……yea…. to say thanks for finally getting it done……so get your team….opt-in to the party….join us and Get Down the Pub and Relax…..and that’s the only GDPR we’re gonna do for the rest of the night…so come on….everyone is having a great time.. so join us.. ok see you in a minute …bye…

The missing contractions are

1  You’re     you are

2   we’re     we are

3   there’s    there has

4  he’ll    he will

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