Everyday spoken English – listening exercise

Can you recognise the weak forms of words?

Here is a new listening exercise.    The conversation is very informal and the informal spoken English contains a lot of reductions of words and weak forms.       Listen to the phone call and write out everything you can hear.

The phone call takes place at a train station as Julie is waiting for her train and phones her friend Jane.   They are discussing the meal deal offers that Julie is reading about in her local newspaper – The Manchester Evening News.    Here is a blog post about this new cultural tradition.

Listen to the sound file.  To get the most out of this exercise it is best to listen numerous times.   Work out what is happening.    When you have listened multiple times you can read the transcript below.

If you want to discuss this exercise you can join my private facebook group here.

Here is the sound file with the transcript:

valentines1 from Helen Cunningham on Vimeo.

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