English Accents in the North West of England

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4 thoughts on “English Accents in the North West of England

  1. Juliana Alves Mota

    Hi Hellen,

    The idea of this lesson is to get to know the Liverpool and Manchester accents or just to practice so that we “copy” the accent? I’m asking because you suggest some writing and repetition exercises? I’m not complaining, just asking for clarification, ok? 🙂

    Yes, I’d like more activities like that with transcriptions. I’ll be even using this one with one of my student’s class who are huge football fans!

    Thank you!

    1. Helen Cunningham Post author

      This is a listening exercise – a dictation – the point being to listen in detail to very short sections and to write out exactly what words you can hear. Listen multiple times before looking at the transcript.

      Then you can look at the transcript and read and listen at the same time. Look at what you have written down and notice which words you did not hear. Now try to work out why you did not hear them. What types of words are they? Is it new vocabulary? Or are the words you can not hear the small grammatical words that you do know? Did they sound different to how you expected? Where they linked with connected speech to the other words in the sentence?

      Try this with the first minute and let me know which words you did not hear.


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