Connected speech in English Conversations.

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5 thoughts on “Connected speech in English Conversations.

  1. Jean-marc

    what do tonight do you go go for a meal what wan go a cinema wan go for a drink let me now give us a ring

    I like that ,it is interresting but also frustrating not to arriveto hear there

    1. Helen Cunningham Post author

      Great – you are hearing all the main content words and so are understanding the gist of the message. All the words you can’t hear are the unstressed weak words. I have a special feature on these weak words that will be released soon.

  2. Marco

    For a not native English spoken it’s very hard to mimic a native speaker pronounce your same statement so fast as you did , but I find really useful try to catch the gist of what you said , in the way you did , even though it is not easy at least at first listening.

    1. Helen Cunningham Post author

      I am glad you are finding listening to this fast natural English useful. You don’t need to mimic this speed in your own speech. I give “real” speed exercises as this is the speed at which you need to listen to English in real life.

      If you listen a few times, it will train your ears to find the words when they are spoken quickly and blended together.


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