#clear the list November Language Goals

By joining this #clear the list challenge    and writing my goals out each month and publicising them here I hope to keep myself accountable and ensure my own language goals,  Helen’s Language Home , my italki teaching and The Reading Challenge all go from strength to strength.

October was a busy month here in Helen’s Language Home with a mixture of success / failure with my goals. The big success is that  I finally launched this website, my facebook page and also launched the first edition of the Hunger Games Reading Challenge.  Over 35 people have signed up to read the Hunger Games in over 7 languages.  The Challenge is now in the second week.  The first week was a “Get Ready…week” when we discussed different strategies for reading a novel in a foreign language and got our books and audio books ready.    This week it is “Chapter 1.” We are all busy reading with study groups set up to discuss in our target language questions about  the chapter.   I am reading the French translation of the book so I am reactivating my French learning at long last.

French Language Learning Goals:

My French is at an intermediate level so I am using my French in my daily life rather than actively studying.   Last month I read various websites in French and read the French news websites.

In November I will be reading the Hunger Games in French, and discussing it every week in my Reading Challenge Study Group.

Spanish Language Learning Goals:

Last month my Spanish learning dropped off as I got busier preparing my website and the Reading Challenge launch.   October Half Term meant I was away from home and I failed  to keep up my language learning routine when away from my own house.

This month I am determined to get back into my Spanish Learning Routine of one hour a day of Spanish Studying five days a week.  This daily studying is going to be listening to Spanish dialogues and reading the transcript at the same time.  I have access to fantastic resources for doing this as I have joined Olly Richards Fluent Spanish Academy.   So I really must make the time to do this!  This is the goal that i really do not want to drop off the list this month.   I am also aiming to have one italki lesson a week in Spanish.   As there are a large number of people reading Los Juegos del Hambre in the Reading Challenge I also get a chance to read the Spanish comments and discussions.

My non-language goals:

To continue to write regular blog posts to publish on here.  I have lots of ideas for different topics!

To run the Hunger Games Reading Challenge and include lots of exciting weekly activities for the study groups.



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7 thoughts on “#clear the list November Language Goals

    1. Helen Cunningham Post author

      Thank You I have been following #clearthelist for a long time but did not have a blog to post my own goals on. I think it is a great idea for accountability and keeping up the motivation when things get tough.

    1. Helen Cunningham Post author

      The Reading Challenge has over 30 people reading the Hunger Games in 7 different languages. Each language has a study group which meets weekly to discuss questions in their target language about the chapters they have read that week.

  1. Lindsay Dow

    Good luck with your French and Spanish this month! And I’m really excited to see how the Hunger Games Reading Challenge goes! 😀


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