#Clear the List Language Goals March 2017

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7 thoughts on “#Clear the List Language Goals March 2017

  1. Elena

    Memrise is really quite addictive, isn’t it? I’m using it for Swedish and I find it effective when it comes to memorising vocabulary and expressions. I had never checked the leaderboard and it’s better that way, I am very competitive as well and I would lose sleep over it. 🙂
    Good luck with your Spanish studies for March!

  2. Dorothée

    I admire your capacity to put French aside and focus only on Spanish. I wish I could do that! Unfortunately, I feel so bad when I drop one, like if the language would come to haunt me when I’m sleeping^^
    Good luck with your goals!!

    1. Helen Cunningham Post author

      To avoid feeling guilty I am phrasing it not as “dropping” French but to “put it to one side” whilst I really focus all my time and brain space onto Spanish. I am still thinking about and in French quite a lot, as knowing French is really helping me with Spanish. I also am determined to pick up French September to January, with a few intensive months of pushing up my French to get over the intermediate plateau. Both of my children will be studying French from September so I hope we can all work on it together and create a bit of an immersive environment at home.

  3. Angel

    Congratulations on your Spanish consistency, Helen 🙂

    Being focused is the key to productivity and success. We can all benefit from a little more focus and you are a great inspiration.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Shannon

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Fluent Spanish Academy. And you’re right, Memrise is quite addictive.

    All the best to you with your studies this month.


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