#Clear The List – October Language Goals 2016

Welcome to my first #ClearTheList  Language Learning Goals post.

As this is my first post you don’t know what my goals were for October!  So  I can just say “Hurray!  I achieved them all.”  and quickly move on to listing my November goals.   But no, that would not be a good way to start. The point of joining the #clear the list challenge it to hold myself accountable, by taking time each month to step back from day to day busyness to reflect on what I have achieved and more importantly what I have not managed to do.  The point of this is  not to be negative about not meeting my goals but to help me improve my goal setting strategies, breaking down big goals into bite-size chunks and finding new ways of incorporating language learning into our home routines.

So my October Goals where:


1    Speaking Find a Spanish tutor and book one lesson a week.

2    Improve my Spanish listening skills using comprehensible input dialogues.   Listen for 30 minutes per day.



My French is at an Intermediate Level – around a B1 for speaking but higher for reading – so at the moment whilst I am really focusing on learning Spanish, I am not actively studying French. However, I am trying to maintain my French at the level it is by reading in French as part of my daily life.  I follow a few  Facebook pages and groups  that I read in French, and I try to read French news sites to get my daily news updates.     Once my Spanish is at a higher level I hope to return to actively studying French.

1    To maintain my French my monthly aim is to read four or five facebook posts a day in French, clicking through to read at least one bigger article in French that interests me.

Non-Language Learning Goals

1 Get my helenslanguagehome website and facebook page up and running.

So if you are reading this I probably achieved this aim 🙂



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