#clear the list January 2017 Language Goals


My language learning goals for January and going to be very short and focused.  I am going to set a very specific time limit on my language study.  First thing every morning and last thing at night are my new times for language learning.  I am not going to worry about how much material I get through in that time.   My aim is to get into a new routine of having Spanish time in the morning and French time before bed.   I have chosen specific resources to use but I don’t know how much of those resources I will get through in the allocated time.   What is important this month is that I spend one hour in the morning on Spanish study and 30 minutes before bed reading in French.  Once that becomes a habit, I will have more of an idea of how much material it is possible to get through in that time.

Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish….     2017 my year of Spanish

This year has got to be the year to finally get my Spanish speaking skills up to a more conversational level.  Last year I did study some Spanish but I kept getting sidetracked by other things.   My goals for January are to work on my Spanish for at least one hour a day, five days a week.  The resources I am going to focus on are the dialogues and transcripts within  Olly Richards Fluent Spanish Academy.    I am going to listen to this material for one hour a day first thing in the morning.   Plus I am going to have two italki sessions a week in Spanish,  this will increase once I know the dates of the italki challenge.   I will create a separate blog post to document my progress in Spanish to keep my motivated and accountable.   If I am not keeping up with my goals for Spanish please comment to ask me why not.   If anyone else is starting to work on Spanish this year please get in touch and we can work together to keep each other accountable.


I am going to limit my French for the first few months of this year.   I am still reading the Hunger Games in French and listening to the audio book.   The Hunger Games Reading Challenge Facebook Group is still active.  My French reading time is the half an hour before bed.  I am keeping the French goals low so as to not interfere with my Spanish learning.  Reading a novel in your target language is a great way of maintaining the language whilst you focus on actively studying a new language.


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